about us

Here at Periwinkle Jazz we strive to make your littles CUTE and keep them COZY... all while making outfits EASY to put together!

Why??! Because as a mama to 4 (in 5 years!!) I want to bring you what I wasn't able to find on the market when my babies were first born. MUTED COLORS and UNISEX are a huge part of my shop's mission.

I've been sewing clothes and accessories since childhood so when I found out we were expecting our first baby, I immediately began creating little items for her! When my husband discovered our unborn child had more handmade-by-me clothing than she could wear in a year, he suggested I open a shop. And so, I started selling my clothes on Etsy in 2010.

Over the years, my aesthetic has evolved to accommodate my changing tastes as well as the changing genders of our children and I finally fell on the current "look and feel" of our shop in 2015. Monochrome and gender-neutral has helped bridge the gap and create lots of hand-me-downs from our son to daughter! 

xo, Jess